What Services Does Co-Op Production Workholding Provide?

Co-Op Tool specializes in workholding and engineered tooling for medium to high-volume CNC manufacturers.  We offer a broad assortment of custom-engineered production workholding solutions for high-volume machining applications. Production Machining Fixtures, Custom Chucks, Complete Automation Systems, Integration and Programming are our specialties

Where is Co-Op Tool Production Workholding located?

We operate out of a manufacturing 40,000 sq. foot design and manufacturing facility in Toledo, Ohio.

What Is Co-Op Production Workholding’s Relation to Hammill Manufacturing?

Hammill Manufacturing is incorporated as a C Corp, state of Ohio (1955).  Co-Op Tool Production Workholding is rolled up under the Hammill Manufacturing umbrella.

How Do I Get In Contact?

Please email info@co-op-tools.com or call 877.300.5968.