Co-Op Tool Workholding Systems provides a custom Turnkey Automation Package including concept development, design, approval, manufacture, assembly and prove-out at the customer’s plant.

Turnkey automation modules for new applications as well as retrofitting existing applications. End of arm tooling, pre-stages and part transfer modules are just some of our capabilities.

  • Custom End-of-Arm Tooling
    -2-Jaw Parallel Gripping Systems
    -3-Jaw Concentric Gripping Systems
    -Pullback (Angular) Gripping Systems
    -Rotating Gripping Systems
    -Collet Gripping Systems
    -Custom Gripping Systems
  • Orientation Modules/Pre-Staging Modules
  • Compliance & Alignment Devices
  • Automation Fixtures
  • Turnkey Automated Systems-Complete Automated Systems
  • Perishable/Backup Tooling
  • “Intelligent” Part Presence Sensing & Part Positioning


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