Eliminate Top Tooling Changeover

This gear supplier reduced change-over time from hours to minutes!

Our patented Iris Chuck ™ grips a HUGE range of parts with fast and easy clamp arm adjustments.  Far greater grip range than any sliding jaw chuck and without changing out jaws.  You can even grip parts larger than the chuck O.D.  Changing from I.D to O.D. gripping is as easy as rotating the clamp arms 180 degrees.

VersaChuck - The Most Versatile Chuck Available

One chuck to grip in a variety of configurations (patent pending).

  • Three jaw / six jaw I.D. and O.D. gripping
  • Two-jaw vise configuration
  • Six ‘switchable’ magnet plates
  • Use magnets with or without jaw clamping

55" Dia, 3.5 Ton, Hydraulic Scroll Chuck

Need an extra large, custom designed chuck? We’ve done it.

This chuck is a hydraulically actuated, 6 jaw scroll-style chuck.  It grips I.D. and O.D. with quick jaw changeover.  This application required three tall and three short jaws for gripping a 1,700 lb trashcan-sized canister.

Industrial Pump Industry

Industrial Pump Industry

A large pump manufacturer approached us to improve the throughput of an existing machining operation via a flexible fixturing solution. The original machining process was to use several manual fixtures each on their own milling machine. Co-op Tool proposed a modular solution using hydraulically actuated fixture “nests”. Multiple nests could be mounted to a 4th axis trunnion with a quick-change, common mounting system. Additionally, quick-change clamping points where designed to be able to run various sizes of each style of part.

In the end, the entire workholding system allowed for the customer to machine any combination of part styles and sizes while reducing the load and un-load time.

Custom Dual 5th Axis

Custom Dual 5th Axis

A tier I automotive supplier approached us with a simple problem. They wanted a dual platter 5th axis device to bolt onto an existing 4th axis of an HMC machine. Additionally, the workholding on each platter needed to be hydraulically actuated with pneumatic part presence confirmation (air sensing) and everything had to fit within the weight and envelope restrictions of the 4th axis. Co-op Tool ended up designing and building hydraulically actuated fixtures with integrated bearings and gears. A gearbox was designed to transmit torque from the servo motor to both platters. Everything was sealed from chips and coolant of the machining environment.

Co-op Tool provided and installed the additional servo drive and the customer was able to double production without having to buy additional machines.

Improved Ergonomics

An existing machining operation at an automotive assembly plant was working fine but needed to be improved for ergonomic reasons. The operators had to reach excessively far into the machine to load and un-load the part pieces. Co-op Tool’s solution was to create an automated tilting / shuttle system for the entire indexing fixture. The fixture was comprised of a hydraulically actuated I.D. collet chuck with integrated part presence confirmation (air sensing). The collet chuck was mounted to a rotary indexing unit which sat on a tilting platform. The platform rode on linear guides which allowed everything to shuttle towards the operator.

After the machining cycle completed, the table would tilt to 45 degrees and move within easy reach for the operator to un-load and load the next part.

Hydraulic Centering Vise

Hydraulic Centering Vise

Co-op Tool Centralizing Vise with clamping forces up to 50 kN.  Add your own jaws or we can design them for you.

Large Part CMM

Large Part Machining

Co-op Tool has the capabilities to machine, grind and inspect your precise large parts.  We can 5-axis machine up to 33″ diameter and gun-drill over 40″ deep.  Surface grinding as large as 32″ x 80″ and diameter grinding up to 30″ diameter.

When it’s time to inspect, we have a CMM capable of measuring anything that we can manufacture.